Ode to Hof Ten Dormaal

Every once in a while even the most jaded hearted of tavern runners like ourselves have an awakening of the mind, a re-enlivening of the tastebuds… and a small revolution of the soul occurs. Well ladies and gentlemen, Gina and I, your humble servants at the bodega have had such an awakening and its name is ‘hof ten dormaal blonde on f’in draught.’
This is not a beer – this is mothers milk.
This is not ale – it is yoga in your mouth.
This is the real shite gents and lasses!
Mind you we have had hof ten dormaal before, in a bottle, and it is a great saison but once you have had it on draught the top of your head will crater, your skull will implode, your lips will jabber incoherently, and your hand wills clench into fists of joy as you shout out to the skies, “The sun, my friends, is rising, the low level depression is over, life has returned again, all plants, all animals rejoice, all you need is love!” When I tasted it last night I detected sublime and integrated notes of blueberry, bannana, wheat, that classic luxurious belgian triple taste, insanely beautiful mouthfeel, refreshing carbonation, yes I could have dranked it all night.
I heard that we’re the only place in town to have it on draught, it can’t be true can it?…shhh don’t tell anybody.


One comment

  1. clopresti · September 13, 2010

    It’s on tap at the Hop Leaf in Chicago right now.

    This beer easily cracks any Belgian top 10 list. An absolute stunner.

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