This Tue 8PM:The ArtFusion Experiment Documentary

Join us this Tue. at 8PM for a great documentary projected on the blue wall.

The story of ‘outsider’ art, The ArtFusion Experiment traces the birth, evolution, and eventual acceptance of a controversial movement that begins when a few seminal and renowned tattoo artists who put aside ego and skin and take to paper and canvas to display an extraordinary new approach to creating art.

Directed by Paul Booth, a tattoo artist for nearly 2 decades and a painter for years before that, he devoted his life to the expansion and evolution of his craft. Booth is now a household name and this award-winning feature documentary, his directorial debut, continues to extend the reach and success of his movement.

He’s inked some of the biggest names in heavy metal, and in this documentary he explores how some of his fellow artists are pushing into an exciting new direction: collaboration. On skin and on paper, the ArtFusion Experiment gathers artists together to fashion works that open up new frontiers of creativity.

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