WHOAH = Late Night Happy Hour 11pm-12am (Buy 1 Get 1 on All Draughts)

The Bodega Presents:
WHOAH – Whole Album Humpdays
Whereby on Wednesdays we play a classic album in it’s entirety and all drafts are buy 1 get 1 while the album plays on!

New Time Slot – 11PM

Tonight Wednesday July 27 The Knack ‘Get The Knack’ (2002)

Their debut album went gold in record time and the initial hype from the Beatles’ own label (Capitol) was that this was the group destined to be the next big thing–which they were for this one album. “My Sharona” and “Good Girls Don’t” were the big hits. But the hype and their overnight success set off a “Nuke the Knack” backlash that saw their subsequent records fail miserably. Get the Knack, however, is great power pop. “Your Number or Your Name,” “Lucinda,” “Oh Tara” and “That’s What the Little Girls Do” are all top notch pieces of songcraft, brought to their fullest potential by the flawless production by Mike “Commander” Chapman.


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