Twisted Tales Told Live THIS Sunday…

Psssst! Hey everybody, this Sunday’s BM (that’s ‘Bodega Monthly’ sickos) is turning out be a monster of a show!

I say that because the talent is undeniable, and in terms of fielding a show, it’s a perfect mix of familiar faces, old friends who’ve been away for a while, and performers making their Bodega debut. Concerning the latter, don’t be surprised if one of the “newbies” turns out to be the show-stopper because the pedigree is there!

Okay, first things first. This show marks the one-consecutive year mark for Prospero Vega and his continually fabulous “Bushwick Diaries,” which is no easy feat for any writer. It also brings about the long-awaited returns of Jenna Flannigan, Mary Pat Kane, Becky Roth, and Steve Davis, four fantastic writers who anchored the show in the Bodega’s early days. Lastly, it’s a little chillier and gets dark a little earlier- in short, perfect weather for the literary arts!

The Bodega Monthly Returns! Live Storytelling This Sunday October 7th @ 7PM be There or be Trapezoidal…


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