Oscar Party

“He who chases two rabbits catches neither.”
– Ancient Russian Proverb

The Bodega drops a rabbit and narrows our focus onto hollywoods -superlative here- night!

Let there be no doubt that we will:

A) Project the Oscars on the big blue wall with sound for a double sensory treat.

B) Offer our insanely good panini/small plate/salad menu – recently included in Guest of a Guests ‘Dining In Brooklyn: 6 Spots Worth The Trek Past Williamsburg’ roundup

C) Sorry I forgot C

D) Have our bartender ‘Charismatic Kay’ ‘ and her sidekick ‘Bi-ligual Laura’ pour great wine and beer with their non-shaky hands some of which will be discounted in honor of the big night – go Silver Linings Playbook!

E) Encourage and engage ourselves in Oscar drinking games – one example being beer shots proffered each time the camera cuts to Jennifer Lawrence.

In short, join us for an evening of movies, magic and many, many, red carpet “excited to be here”s

85th Academy Award Awards Nomination Announcement


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