Movie – Tue. March 26th 10PM – NAKED

Movie - Tue. March 26th 10PM - NAKED

We got Naked at the Bodega can you come?
Mike Leigh’s masterpiece stars David Thewlis as Johnny….intelligent, educated and eloquent, and also deeply embittered and egotistical: he will fight and provoke anyone he meets in order to prove his superiority. His tactics of choice in verbal interaction are based on a particular form of intellectual bullying, uniformly directed at people less cultured than himself, and summed up in domineering, scholastic barrages drawn from eclectic sources. His overall behaviour is reckless, self-destructive and at times borderline sadistic, and shows a penchant for aggressive sexual domination at least twice throughout the film. He seduces Louise’s flatmate, Sophie (Katrin Cartlidge), simply because he can, but soon gets tired of her and embarks on an extended latter-day odyssey among the destitute and despairing of the United Kingdom’s capital city.


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